Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Easter Crafts

Bee Intentional

April 7, 2012

I had a few more hand and footprint Easter crafts I wanted to post.  I Hope to post some Easter snack ideas later. I am taking my boys to an Easter egg hunt this morning and looking forward to other adventures the day holds for us.  Bee intentional......and make every moment count!

I love to make pot holders with my children's hand and feet prints to help celebrate holidays.  You can buy two pot holders at the dollar tree for just $1.00.  I love this Easter chic I made with Benjamin.  I had made a bunny with my seventeen year old when he was four.....I hope I can find it!

These Easter lilies made from tracing Benjamin's hand on white paper impressed me a little more than it did him!  He thought it was a girl craft.  We made a vase out of a baby food jar, put Easter grass inside. I then put the poem on the outside of the jar!  This could be used for mothers day too!

I found these craft ideas from this wonderful site!

Elijah made the flower for a school art project.  Benjamin made the Bunny, and we had to use his hand!

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