Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rice Crispy Cross: Jelly Bean Prayer

Bee Intentional
 April 2, 2012

The Easter Egg hunt was so much fun.  My nine year old found so many eggs that it filled the basket and he was putting the overflow in his pockets. He even found a price egg.  My five year old found many eggs too, but his basket was bigger so they all fit fine.  He was very happy to get the candy his older brother who just go braces could not eat!  No pictures because unfortunately I left both my camera and phone at home :(

We later had a lot of fun making cross rice crispy treats.

The boys are going to give these to their friends at church.  We made them by pressing rice crispy treat mixture in a cross cookie cutter. Then we presses jelly beans in the cross.  Finally we put them in a bag and attached the Jelly Bean Prayer.

Jelly Bean Prayer
Red is for the blood He gave
Green is for the grass he made
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Orange is for the edge of night
Black is for the sins we made
White is for the grace he gave
Purple is for His hours of sorrow
Pink is for our new tomorrow.

Written By: Charlene Dickerson 1997

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