Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter hand print craft - Donkey T-shirt

Bee Intentional
April 4, 2012

Little hands and feet have always fascinated me, but it was not until I had my first child that I really marveled at them.  Seeing my daughter's precious hands and feet for the first time made my heart flutter.  I counted each tiny finger and each chubby toe, and held them gently in my hand as if trying to preserve that moment forever.

I still love hands and feet.  I often preserve memories of holidays by making hand and feet crafts with my children. My youngest son and I made this Easter craft with both his hand and feet.  It was quite messy and a lot of fun!

 His finished t-shirt turned our great!  I got this idea from They have many other great Easter crafts there as well.  Happy Crafting!

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