Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lifeway VBS craft ideas - Day 1

Bee Intentional
May 23, 2012
We have an aviation theme for VBS this year.  The Bible Story for the first night is from Joshua 3-4.  The children will learn about Joshua crossing the Jordan.  We will be discusiing God's Power over nature!
The  children will make aviation scarves with bible verses written on them.  They will also make aviation glasses from kits we purchased at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store ever)!
The younger classes will make wall hangings from paper plates. 
To Make the aviation scarf:
1. Cut fleece in 6 in strips at least 40in long
2. Use muslin and create patches by ironing on wonder   under.
3. Cut muslin in 4ins squares  using pinking sheers
4.  Iron on one end of the fleece scarf.
5. Ready for children to decorate using fabric pens or permant markers, and rubber stamps
To make wall hanging:
1. Give each child a blue paper plate.
2. Have each child gather 12 stones
3. Place white school glue on bottom of plate
have the students place their stones in the
4. Add fish stickers.
5. Punch a hole at top.
6. Add a ribbon hang, and attach bible verse

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